Hello and Welcome to the Confirmation Homepage:


This webpage will accompany Grace's confirmation class.  You can find everything needed for the next class session on this page.  Confirmation classes will meet monthly (check our calendar).  In between the monthly classes, there will be a little homework.  We would ask that you listen to the podcast (or video) by Pastor Matt before coming to the next class.  In addition, there will be a reading assignment from the book.  We will be reading Daniel Erlander's Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God's Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe.  The typical reading assignment will be approximately 4 to 6 pages per month. 

Introduction to Manna and Mercy:

 Introduction to Confirmation Podcast 



Class Number 1 (March 6): 

Reading assignment Chapter 1: Beginnings (pages 1-3) 

Then listen to the podcast:




Class Number 2 (March 27)

Reading assignment Chapter 2: God Births a People (4-6)

Then listen to the podcast:



Class Number 3 (April 24)

Reading assignment Chapter 3: The Wilderness School (pp. 7-9)

Then listen to the podcast:




Class Number 4 (May 15)

Reading Assignment Chapter 4: The Covenant and the Covenant Gift (pp. 10-15)

Then listen to the podcast:



Welcome to Confirmation where we are becoming Manna people.


“Manna People – People who pay attention to lessons they are learning about fairness, love, mercy, sharing, and friendship with others so they can resist oppression and bring the gifts of manna and mercy to all nations.” 

Manna and Mercy Leader Sourcebook (2021) Minneapolis: Augusburg Fortress