Before the Sermon...or After

Welcome to the official Podcast for Grace and Hope Lutheran Church:


The focus of this podcast is to take a look at the upcoming lectionary readings and pull out topics and issues that, while interesting, would not necessarily fit into a sermon.  These will be little tidbits of information about translation, textual issues, and contested readings or interpretations.  It might also include a little more historical background of a book, character, or place from time to time.  Anything that happens to catch Pastor Matt's fancy that week or anything someone's else fancy.  


This latest Podcast episode continues our look at Philippians 2:5-11.  


In this second episode, we explore the role and prominence of women in Luke's gospel.  This Sunday's reading is from Luke 1:26-56, which includes the Magnificat and Mary visiting  Elizabeth's visit.  We often miss the fact that these are the only two times (except for Anna [2.36-38] whose words are not recorded only that she spoke about Jesus) when a woman in Luke's gospel speaks and is not corrected by a male character.  Women are frequently mentioned in Luke's Gospel, but their roles are often diminished in status and power.  Leaving us to wonder, can this gospel still be a word of God for a modern world?  Especially since at least half, the modern world is female.  In this episode, we begin to explore reading these troublesome texts.    




In this first episode, we take a look at the upcoming reading from Isaiah 61.  Isaiah 61 has several verses that are tricky to translate.  We will look at why different versions of the English Bible translate some of the verses differently.  In this episode, we take a look at verse 8, where there is a decision to be made about how to translate  "I hate robbery and dishonesty."