COVID-19 Study

Introduction to the COVID-19 online study opportunity: 

Session 1: The World's Creation in the Garden can be found here

Session 2: When Things Go Wrong in the Garden can be found here

Session 3: An Inauspicious Birth can be found here

Session 4: The Call of Moses and God's name can be found here. See below for additional resources on Exodus as well.  

Prof. John J. Collins and Prof. Joel Baden both professors of Old Testament Yale Divinity School did a Bible Study on the entire Book of Exodus for a Congregational church (one of the ELCA's partners in common mission) in Conneticut.  Each session is 15 to 20 mins. 

The entire eight session playlist can be found here

Here is an introduction from Sparkhouse (part of 1517 Media formerly Augsburg Fortress the publishing house for the ELCA) to Moses. 

Here are two videos from Walter Brueggemann, who is probably the preeminent Old Testament scholar of the last 30 or 40 years.  To cover the story of the Exodus without hearing from Dr. Brueggemann would leave the study deficient.  In the first video Dr. Brueggemann, introduces us to Pharaoh and how Pharoah becomes an archetype for other stories in the Bible and how Exodus becomes the 3-point response to Pharoah.  

This second video is a sermon on the beginning of the Exodus story, especially the story of the midwives (Shiphrah and Puah), and the story’s call to resist the ways of Pharaoh.  One of Dr. Brueggemann’s gifts is, allowing the texts of the Old Testament (and New Testament in the sermon) to shape and form our imagination in light of the contemporary situations and our world.

If you have any questions about the study please feel to contact Pastor Matt


Worship Times:

8:15 am at Hope Lutheran Church (2001 S 500 E)

10:00 am at Grace Lutheran

9:00 am Fellowhip hour

9:15 am Sunday School